Saturday, November 17, 2012

Paper Mario: Sticker Star -- 3-2 The Bafflewood

Sounds like more puzzles ahead. It's quiet and spooky ahead, with a Blooper floating around in the background. The next area has two Snifits and a sign that says, "Be Careful in There". There are two paths marked with two signs, one of which we can stick a sticker on. We battle the Snifits and a Clip Guy appears. If you don't block the Clip Guy, he'll put the paperclip on you so you can't move.

Let's go to the left first. We end up where we started. The right path leads to an area with a Piranha Plant and more Snifits. The signs are blank, so pick a sticker you don't want on the sign of the correct path. You can peel them off. The left path leads to an area with three paths. Go to the right for three more paths. The middle path will take you to a large area with five paths. Go to the left. The sign says, " Bafflewood Management Looks Forward to Your Return". Other than an item block and a flower in the light, there isn't much here. To summarize, take the following path from the Bafflewood Entrance sign: Right, Left, Right, Center, Left.

The path leads to the comet piece. The path to 3-3 opens up. That was short. Something tells me there's more here. The other paths lead to the entrance, so maybe other areas lead to 3-2.

When we return to go after a Wiggler segment after completing 3-10, we find a Toad. He confirms the segment was here. Going through the path correctly reveals nothing. At the entrance, the sign now says "Be careful not to become that guy who got baffled 10 times". Let's try the wrong path 10 times. I read the sign after trying the wrong path a few times, and it's only keeping score of how many times we choose the wrong path. Collecting the comet piece doesn't work, nor does defeating all the enemies, nor going through the maze backwards. Collecting all the stickers in the area doesn't work, either. After a while of searching, I find another path. Take the right path from the area with the pool of poison. It leads to an area with a few stickers and a door drawn on the side of the hill. The Secret Door leads to the Violin. Go to the right again and you'll find the segment in an area with lots of stickers.

Once again, the segment is spoiling for a fight. Kersti wonders why the segments never learn. It's battling alongside two Piranha Plants. After the battle, it joins us. Hop over the fence and continue forward. The next area has two Piranha Plants. The area after has lots of poisoned shrubs. The next area has a Bowling Ball. I know what to do with this. We backtrack to the comet piece, then head to Wiggler's house.

To summarize, to reach the segment, take the following path: Right, Left, Right, Right, Right.

If you return to where the Bowling Ball was after the poison clears, you'll find the Trophy.


  1. but in my game there was no toad and no wiggler segment how did you get the toad? i'm now in world 4/3 (world 4 and 3) but i must have the bowling ball and the middle trunk from wiggler.
    i can't find anything please help me!

    the trunk, the bowling ball, the toad, the 3d wiggler segment

  2. Please Help me i spend 1 whole day :'(

  3. Have you completed 3-2 for the first time? If not, follow the path in the third paragraph. The segment and Toad will appear after you complete 3-10.

  4. Im Having the same problem. The Wigglers piece isnt in the Bafflewoods secret area! I was able to collect the commet piece and it shows the level as completed. But when I go back to the level, there isn't a wiggler piece. Did I do something wrong? Can this be fixed with out having to start the game allllllll over again?